Category: Arduino projects

Learn how to tinker with the Arduino development board and build amazing Arduino projects for your final year engineering project, personal tools, and commercial gadgets.

First, we start with the basic Arduino setup such as installing the Arduino IDE and Acquiring the all-in-one Arduino starter kit.

Secondly, we would delve into the basic syntax of the Arduino language. That is, the structure, the variables, and constants as well as the functions.

Moreover, we will learn how to use the various variant of the Arduino development board. We will start with the Arduino Uno as it is the most popular brand among the various development board. It is also the most used Arduino board.

In fact, the Uno has been used in most of the projects developed around the Arduino microcontroller.

Furthermore, the Mega will also be tackled as it has more pins for projects that required a large number of input/output pins.

Also, the Mega is mostly used for Arduino traffic light projects as it has enough pins to cater for all the lights.

Again, we will deal with the Nano as well as the Lily. Both the Nano and Lily are tiny to be used in any project that requires fewer pins without compromising processing power and ease of programming.

After diving into the various boards and their typical pinouts, we will then create amazing Arduino projects using any available sensors.

Practically, we will build Arduino projects for security such as burglar alarm, watchdog alarm, and antitheft alarm system.

Also, we will develop city management projects, such as a traffic lighting system, automatic street lighting system, fire detector, and alarm and many more.