Applied Electricity & Electronics

This category entails everything about Applied Electricity & Electronics as a subject. Get every information and resource about this subject. Lesson notes and scheme of work, past questions with answers and many more. To meet the industrial and environmental demands posed by rapid technological advances in any country and in the world at large, it is essential to create a large corps of students with an interest in Applied Electricity and Electronics since they will become the engineers and technicians who will form one of the main pillars of the industrial transformation of the country. This body of students needs to be educated and given practical training in applying electrical and electronic engineering principles to the maintenance of equipment and the creation of innovative solutions to electrical and electronic problems facing the country now and in the future. Moreover, the course provides students with a broad understanding of the technology of the manufacture, installation, maintenance and repairs of domestic and industrial equipment using electrical and test apparatus correctly and safely. It is expected that more students will enrol in this course to enable the country to develop the envisaged large corps of electrical and electronic engineers for the country’s growing industries. Applied Electricity and Electronics category offers enough knowledge and skills for students who want to get into Electrical/Electronics vocations after completing Senior High School. It also offers a valuable foundation for higher professional studies at the tertiary level of education. This category has been carefully crafted to educate students on Applied Electricity and Electronics principles and practices and also for teachers (who teach the course) to get relevant resources and teaching aid.