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Download free SHS syllabus for the various subjects on this page.

Core Subjects | SHS Syllabus

Elective Subjects (Courses)

  1. Agriculture Science Subjects
  2. Business Subjects
  3. General Arts Subjects
  4. Ghanaian Language Subjects
  5. Home Economics Subjects
  6. Elective ICT
  7. Science Subjects
  8. Technical Subjects
  9. Visual Arts Subjects

Agricultural Science Subjects

Business Subject

General Arts Subjects

Ghanaian Language Subjects

Home Economics Subjects

Elective ICT

Science Subjects | SHS Syllabus

Technical Subjects | Download SHS Syllabus

Visual Arts Subjects | Download SHS Syllabus

Now you can download your prefer SHS syllabus from the links above.

If your subject can’t be found in the list above, kindly notify me with the comment box or contact me on WhatsApp (0266302607). Click here to Chat on WhatsApp Now

Download the new GES (NaCCA) standard-based curriculum here.

You can also download free JHS syllabus from this link.

Also, if you need the new GES (NaCCA) time table for basic schools, click on this link.

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  1. Tobil Jacob says:

    This site is really good
    love it

  2. Emmanuel Annan says:

    This site is quite good

  3. Mubarak says:

    Hello sir, please if like you know if this syllabus is still in use as I realized it is dated as 2010 when I opened it. Thank you

  4. Afrifa Anthony says:

    This site is really good and helpful but I want to ask that can examinable questions (shs) be given to solve towards exams and please I didn’t say appor but examinable questions
    Thank you

  5. Akosua says:

    This site is very interesting

  6. Bruce says:

    Awesome web desing!

  7. Dennis says:

    Can I get the 2019 – 2020 general science elective syllabus

  8. Ernest Mensah says:

    This is really a good job. But please can I get the twi version of Asante Twi syllabus for SHS. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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