Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus with Source Code

Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus

Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus

In this edition of the Arduino / Proteus tutorial, we have provided here a list of the top 8 simple Arduino Projects design in Proteus 8.11. All the projects use Arduino Uno, a collection of Arduino libraries for Proteus and simple sketches.

Download the complete Projects in Proteus below:

The zip file when extracted contains the following Arduino Proteus projects:

1. Arduino Based Calculator in Proteus: Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus.

Arduino Based Calculator in Proteus

Simple Proteus simulation of Arduino calculator for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The system uses the Arduino Uno, the 16 x 2 LCD display and 3 x4 Matrix Keypad.

2. Arduino door locking system with 4 digit Pincode:

Security door Arduino project for confidential places that incorporate Pincode. The system unlocks only by entering the correct Pincode. Also, the system goes to permanent lock mode with persistent alarm when a user enters the wrong pin 3 consecutive times. In the lock state, the system only has to be reset by a qualify system engineer.

3. Arduino-Based digital voltmeter:

Proteus project to measure voltage from 0 to 50V DC.

4. Simple DS1307 Arduino Digital Clock: Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus.

Proteus simulation of digital clock with push buttons for setting time and date.

5. Automated Elevator System with load sensors:

Proteus simulation of the smart elevator with load limit sensors. This is also part of the top 8 simple Arduino Projects design in Proteus 8.11

6. Arduino and GSM Smart Irrigation System:

Automatically controlled irrigation of a farm while checking the level of water. The system sends SMS to the farmer with the status of water and soil moisture.

7. Smart Home with Gas leakage detector:

Monitor water level and control pumps automatically. Also, the system checks for gas leakage and cut off the LPG gas supply automatically.

8. Arduino Traffic System with Pedestrian interrupt button:

Proteus simulation of 4-way traffic system with a pedestrian button that interrupts the normal operation of the system when required. The system automatically returns to the normal sequence after predefined seconds.

Watch the video below to know the working demonstration of all the top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus.

Demonstration of Arduino Projects in Proteus

Conclusion of the Top 8 Arduino Projects in Proteus.

The top Arduino projects design in Proteus simulation software has been presented here. Please note that even though all the projects may work with an earlier version of Proteus, it is, however, recommended that you make use of the latest Proteus simulation software.

On this note, you should do well to download Proteus 8.11 from this link. You may also consider watching this video on YouTube for a tutorial on how to install the latest version of Proteus together with all the Arduino sensor libraries.

Moreover, you can modify and use any of the projects here. Also, if you face any problem simulating any of these projects, kindly put it in the comment box.


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