How to Register your SIM with Your Ghana Card

Ghana SIM Card Registration

Ghana SIM Card Registration

Starting from October 2021, Ghanaians would be required to re-register their sim card numbers with the National Identity Card, also known as the Ghana Card.

The Ghana Ministry of Communication and Digitalization has emphasised that any individual or company that failed to acquire the Ghana Card before or during the registration period will not be able to take part in the SIM registration exercise.

The SIM Registration exercise will begin on 1st October 2021 for a period of six (6) months and end on 31st March 2022. Any SIM that is not registered at the end of this exercise will be blocked.

Therefore, it is necessary to take part in the re-registration exercise as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

No doubt and as usual, has outlined these simple steps to register your mobile phone number with your Ghana Card.

πŸ‘‰ Linking of SIM Card to Ghana Card via USSD on any phone

After submission, if the process went successfully, you will receive a confirmation text message with a unique code. Please keep the code safely for the next step.

Aside from the unique code, you will also get several messages from your network provider confirming a successful registration of your SIM card.

However, if the system returns an unsuccessful message due to wrong information, you will be given 3 attempts to answer security questions.

Moreover, if the system returns an unsuccessful message due to verification failure at the National Identification Authority, you will be informed to contact the nearest NIA office to rectify the issue.

Image (Photo ) Instruction / Procedure

If the above writeup is too lengthy, please check the image below for a quick procedure at a glance.

Final Step to Register Your Mobile Number with Your Ghana Card

Visit your nearest network service provider (Agent or Customer Care) with your unique code received after the USSD registration to complete the final stage of the registration.

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