How to Fix Proteus Crashing and Install Proteus Latest Version

fix proteus crashing

fix proteus crashing

If you want to know how to fix proteus crashing and perhaps install the latest working version of proteus software. Look no further, this article is specifically drafted for you.

Download Proteus Working Files

Proteus is, without doubt, one of the most powerful electronic simulation software for engineering students. Whether you are testing a simple circuit with few components to a complex circuit with micro-controllers and its related programming codes, Proteus got your back!. How to fix proteus crashing.

But your quest for creativity and advancement in the electronics world, especially when you are a fan of the popular Arduino microcontroller board becomes shallow when you realized your proteus isn’t working as expected. It will take you a couple of weeks searching all over the globe before you give up hope for a lack of information to aid you to get rid of your copy of proteus crashing consistently. Whether you are using a genuine copy of proteus or a pirated one, you can’t escape the proteus crashing menace so it’s up to you to fix it.

I have been a victim of this issue (Proteus crashing, Proteus freezing, Proteus simulation not working, Proteus automatically close itself, Proteus license problem, etc.) before and I have searched online days and nights countlessly without a solution.

Also, click here to install Proteus 8.11 the latest version of the simulation software.

So now that I have finally nailed down the problem, I wish to share it with my fellow engineers.
Just follow the video and download the required files from the link below:

How to fix Proteus Crashing

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Download Link:

UPDATE: how to fix make.exe does not exist after fixing proteus crashing

If you have an issue with “make.exe does not exist” after you have been abled to fix proteus crashing, following the above video, please follow these steps: Download the file below and extract it.

Download Make.exe Files

There is a folder called “Tools”. Please copy this folder and paste it at “C:/Program Files (x86)/Labcenter Electronics/Proteus 8 Professional” It should work after that. Thank you.

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If you encounter any problem installing Proteus, leave a comment, I will be glad to assist you.

After you have fix proteus crashing, watch the video below to install all Arduino libraries for Proteus:

Arduino Libraries for Proteus

how to install arduino libraries for proteus @HomeMade Electronics

How to Fix Proteus Crashing and Install Proteus Latest Version | Working

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Arduino Libraries Used: The Engineering Projects:
Arduino Sensor Libraries Used:

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