Gas and Smoke Detection With SMS Notification

Gas and Smoke Detection

Gas and Smoke Detection

The project presented here is a GSM Based Gas and Smoke Detection with SMS notification. This project shares similar properties with our previous project; GSM Based Fire and Smoke Detection and Prevention System With GPS Location Coordinate designed and simulated in Proteus. The system detects gas or smoke leakage and sends SMS to the building owner while at the same time blowing the alarm. This is a simulation but can also physically implemented with real functional components. Check the youtube demonstration below:

Gas and smoke detection with SMS notification

This GSM Based Gas and Smoke Detection with SMS notification have components like GSM for sending SMS, a buzzer for alarming, servos for an automatic opening of windows to allow air and opening of emergency exits, and a motor serving as a ventilation device for pumping air into the building. The entire system is controlled by a microcontroller, in this the Arduino Uno. The microcontroller is programmed using C-Programming language with ARDUINO IDE.

The system (GSM Based Gas and Smoke Detection with SMS notification) can detect smoke, flame, gas, etc. sensed by the respective modules, followed by the monitoring system which indicates smoke, light, flame, heat, etc. at a particular level. Finally, when the sensors from each level-triggered individually, the main Buzzer operates and an SMS is sent.

The LCD will indicate the affected area while at the same time the emergency exit servo motor, as well as the ventilation motor is activated.

If you have any difficulty building this GSM Based Gas and Smoke Detection with SMS notification, reach out with the comment box. I will be glad to assist you.

Proteus libraries used for this project were obtained from the engineering project website. You can also refer to this research work on academia for more information on GSM / SMS alert system

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