Engineering Project Ideas for Final Year Students

engineering project ideas

engineering project ideas

Engineering Project Ideas for final year university students who are pursuing a programme in an engineering discipline; Electrical, Auto & Mechatronics.

How can you build good final-year projects?

Final-year engineering projects encourage you to explore and strengthen the knowledge of fundamentals through the practical application of academic theories. It is a platform where engineers can showcase their talent by doing innovative projects that strengthen their profile and increases the chance of employability. Engineers who not only doing engineering projects but learning from them stand apart from others and become productive and industry-ready. That is why it is advisable to get good Engineering Project Ideas for your final or mini-projects.

It is by this philosophy to attain a better engineering ecosystem in Ghana and beyond that has put together this platform for the Engineering students and hobbyists to build cool engineering projects as a team or as an individual anywhere and at any time.

Also, the list of projects presented here can be done as a final year main project or curriculum-based mini-projects. We have collaborated with Ghana’s premium electronics and electrical components vendors to provide you with access to a range of required components for each project. This is truly a unique opportunity for the engineers to innovate and redefine their final year project with the confidence of getting all components locally.

How to select good final year engineering project ideas?

Examine the current trends:

Before selecting your final year project topic, browse online for the latest technological trends and some of the engineering project ideas. Because any project you do on outdated technologies will not thrive in the long run. So always choose final year project topics that utilized the latest technology.

Focus your final year engineering project idea on social issue:

Final year projects should focus on solving real problems in society. The main aim of engineering is to apply scientific knowledge to solve problems confronting society. Therefore, your project should focus on social issues, most importantly, the current ones.

Check the feasibility of your final year engineering project idea:

Before you put your engineering project ideas into action, it is important to check the feasibility of completing them on time & within budget. Because if the budget is too high, the project may not be approved or recommended by your project supervisor. So be very circumspect about the budget and time for completing the project before finalizing the topic.

Research about the engineering project ideas submitted by your predecessors:

Chances are your engineering project ideas have already been done or submitted by one of your colleagues. So before finalizing on that topic, make sure that none of your seniors had done the same final year project. However, there are moments you can have modifications of projects done by others. In this case, you may refer to their write-ups on future modifications or limitations and improved upon them.

Refer to research journals published by scholars:

There are plenty of scholarly articles or journals that you can refer to when searching for engineering project ideas. Referring to scholars’ work, you can understand the latest technological advancements happening around the world and inculcate them onto your final year project. You can get access to research journals from online portals such as academia and research gate. Google Scholar is also a good choice.

Get expert’s assistance when searching for engineering project ideas

Before you actually start with your final year project, first identify the various technologies that will be involved in implementing your engineering project ideas. Since it is not possible for you to learn all the technologies from basics, you need to look out for potential mentors who can help you with some of the technologies.

So whenever possible, get the right kind of assistance from these mentors as they can provide you a solution very quickly and guide you properly whenever you face a problem. provides this kind of mentorship. You can leave your request in the comment box.

Work with organizations like Lizbotech Engineering Spearhead by Sir Boateng & build great final year projects:

The purpose of a final year engineering project is to bring to the limelight your capacity as an engineer and to test your practical skill that has been obtained during your training period in the college or university. It is, therefore, necessary to make it your priority to apply your existing skills as well as learn new skills when doing this project. For this reason, you can consult with lizbotech engineering to discuss some of the engineering project ideas that can be done successfully

Which are the latest technologies to build innovative final year projects?

You can build your final year or mini projects by scoping it around the latest and fast rising technologies such as;

1. Robotics & Machine Learning Final Year Projects

2. Internet of Things (IoT) and Automation Final Year Projects

3. Wireless Communication and remote controlled systems

4. Pure Electrical, Electronics and Mechatronic Final Year Projects

5. Embedded System ( Arduino, Raspberry Pi) Final Year Projects

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