Automatic Water Level Monitor & Controller in Proteus | Step By Step With Arduino Source Code

Automatic Water Level Monitor & Controller in Proteus

Automatic Water Level Monitor & Controller in Proteus

Automatic water level monitor and pump controller in Proteus using Arduino board. The project is a simulation of a complete smart water management system that can also also be implemented with real components. Download the complete Proteus project file together with the Arduino Source code below:

Proteus Arduino Libraries can be obtained from here: Arduino Sensor Libraries for Proteus Simulation (Updated)

Water is a very essential commodity in the lives of humans. It is a known fact that water provided the basis of human existence since water is used in various processes that contribute to the growth, development, and maintenance of living things. Making use of the Automatic Water Level Monitor & Controller system is paramount since the earth as a planet have seventy percent (70%) of its surface covered with water. The human being has water composition to his body. Where ever water flows there is life. The history of humans has always shown that man from his hunting and gathering stage even up to the modern era of globalization have always relied on water for survival. In the agrarian society, water was used to irrigate farmlands which when cultivated yielded the crops taken as food. 

Water is used for a lot of things in human endeavors. So designing and constructing this automatic water Level monitor & controller not only will it go a long way to help human existence but also improve our daily lives. Water is used in cleaning, farming, health, etc. The dawning of the 21st century brought new technology as to the safe ways of treating water. This has influenced the domestic usage of water around the world. Underground water serves as drinking water for a lot of homes, schools, factories, and institutions.

In recent times much underground water supply systems have seen several technological advances. Among these technological advances is the mechanization of the well/bole hole water. In most rural settings a mechanical pump is attached to the bole hole. These pumps draw water from underground through strokes on a level system mounted at the top of the bole hole. This type of bole holes needs a lot of manual labor from the consumer and may in many cases cause undue delays to reach quality water. A typical solution to ease the consumer is the introduction of the electrical pump system. The electrical pump is supplied with a source of electricity to pump underground water through pipes fixed on the well. There is always the need to control the electrical pump and the reservoir. Various forms exist. The emergent of the microcontroller can be used in this water supply system as a form of the control module. Read the complete project writeup here

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